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    Grotere baby’s dankzij vitaminen en mineralen - 11.02.2008

    Pharma Nord product wins awards in Poland

    Pharma Nord wins awards in PolandFor the second year in a row, Bio-CLA from Pharma Nord has been chosen as the best product in two different categories by a Polish pharmacy trade magazine. Bio-CLA won the prize for both "Best anti-celulite product" and "Best slimming product", based on the votes of pharmacists from all over Poland.

    Every year, the trade magazine "World of Pharmacy" asks more than 450 pharmacists to vote for the best Over-the-counter and medical products. And for the second year in a row, Pharma Nord was selected as the winner of both the slimming and anti-celulite categories with the product Bio-CLA. The choice is not random, as Bio-CLA has achieved great succes among consumers in the past few years, making it one of the most popular products in its category on the Polish market.

    Peter Kaminski, Country Manager of Pharma Nord Poland is very pleased and proud of the awards, and remains confident that Bio-CLA will be able to hold the position long enough to claim the special award given to products that win the category award for five years in a row.